Thrift store find: patapum baby carrier



I found this patapum baby carrier at my local thrift shop. It was originally $5.99 but with the 50%off discount for the day, it ended up being $3. Can you say what a steal?!?! I was more than happy to purchase this carrier and I was even happier that I was lucky enough to find it and lucky that someone was nice enough to donate it to the thrift store. From what I have read online this carrier is pretty darn good. It is in excellent condition and is spotless. It almost looks brand new. I do not see myself buying another carrier anytime soon. I plan to wear this one for as long as my baby allows me. This carrier is extremely  comfortable. It has very large shoulder pads and a very thick stomach pad. The way it is constructed is impeccable. I do not even feel the weight of my baby on my shoulders. I wore this to the park and had it on for about two hours. I felt like I wasn’t even wearing my baby. I have never experienced this with any other baby carrier. My baby seemed to enjoy it just as much since she feel asleep and didn’t move at all. She felt safe and secure. The carrier gives the affect of hugging your baby instead of just holding them in the air. It was a little tricky at first learning how to put her in but I learned that I just slide her in and adjust the straps to my liking and then I’m good to go. This carrier is a wonderful thing.


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  1. How wonderful!! Lucky you! I’ve never felt comfortable baby-wearing, but I imagine that’s because I simply haven’t had a supportive enough carrier. My shoulders always protest right away. Maybe I’ll look into this brand for baby #4!


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