My Christmas tree


This is my first Christmas with my little family since me and my partner got our own apartment. I was quite excited when Jon showed up with a huge tree at the door. He didn’t even tell me he was going to get one. I thought that was very sweet of him. I later went to my local dollar tree and bought Christmas decorations. I only buy plastic ornaments because I have small children and glass ornaments are a hazard. My ornaments are constantly being dropped by my kids or either my cat so not having to worry about bloody feet is quite a relief. I spent about 40 dollars to get everything to make my tree look nice. I still have a lot of ornaments that I still haven’t put one the tree. But that is a secret between me and you. I still have to find a star and I want to get a few larger ornaments just so my tree can be really spectacular. My children enjoyed decorating the tree. They especially loved when I plugged in the lights. My son says the tree is shiny lol. I cannot wait to put gifts under the tree and wait for Christmas to come for my kids to be overwhelmed with joy and surprise.


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