Who Am I?

I am Ange, I feel so honored to be asked to share my Crunchy & Wild journey 20151123_141501with you. I am a wife and mother to three sons. My crunchy journey began when my husband and I were trying to conceive our second son. We struggled with fertility issues, specialist to specialist we went in hopes we could naturally conceive. Blood tests after blood tests and I was emotionally and physically exhausted after trying so many different treatments and the medications they had me trial really took a toll on my health. It was then we decided to look into a natural approach for my fertility health. I detoxed from everything and we cancelled our appointments. My fertility returned after a period of time and my health was becoming well balanced and in a short time we conceived our second son naturally. From then onward we researched everything prenatal and beyond and in that process it has lead me to choose a more natural approach for my family’s health. We now have a third son and our crunchy journey has been so beneficial for all of us. I take great pride in the huge difference in our health and wellness since we have started this process a few years ago. Here I will share what works for us and some great tips on how to start living more of a natural minded lifestyle. Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.







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