My savings today at Target on Cherokee thinsulate coats

I got two Cherokee thinsulate coats for my children for under $30. They were on sale at Target for $11.98. Target is also has a coupon for an additional 20% off of clearance. With those offers combined, the coats were less than $11 dollars each. These coats in my opinion are good for weather conditions... Continue Reading →


Merry Christmas

Me and my daughter as she drifts to sleep in the Moby wrap. She is truly content when she is placed against me. I enjoy it so much to be able to provide such comfort to my baby. It Truly is a beautiful thing to be a mother. It is a blessing and I appreciated... Continue Reading →

Moby wrap review

This is the Moby wrap. I have had this for about two years and this is my first time using it. I can't believe it! I bought it before the birth of my second child and I just never put it to use. This is going to sound crazy but I just couldn't figure out... Continue Reading →

One pot recipes: sausage soup

You will need a pack of sausages. A cup of brown rice. Half a cup of tomato sauce. Steak seasoning. As well as trader Joe's mirepoix cup or you can dice up the celery, carrots and white onion yourself. First you are going to add the sausages to the pot and then the mirepoix mixture.... Continue Reading →

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