Going organic for my family

I never really paid much attention to the foods that I ate until I had children. I started watching documentaries on GMO foods. There are studies that relate these foods to an increase  in cancer among other illnesses. The food that is bad for you is cheap, extremely cheap. The food that is good for you on the other hand is expensive by comparison. After doing my research I concluded that it was worth the extra money to buy organic foods for my family. I am working on being 100% organic but that is going to take some time or at least until I get myself into a Whole Foods Market. There are a few here in NYC but I don’t like the city so I will probably end up shopping in long island. I went to the store last night. I chose target for my shopping since I get a wonderful discount and I must say they have quite a selection of organic foods. I spent about 258 dollars and I don’t feel bad about it. I could have gotten more but I decided to wait and see how long these organic fruits and meat would last especially since this is my first time buying organic foods. My children are in love with the new food choices,  especially the organic yogurts that I bought. Chobani  really out did themselves with the children yogurts. I will keep you updated on how my food journey went. Below I will post a picture of my target receipt.



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