Rocking baby to sleep free write.

So I’m sitting down trying to rock my 5 month old to sleep on a pillow. She is definitely fighting her sleep being that she hasn’t napped longer than 15 minutes today. I know, not good. She is quietly laying here, which is good. My mind can’t help but wander off. I’m wondering if I should go to my local thrift store tomorrow because they are having another 50% off sale. I just went Sunday but hey you can’t go wrong on buying things for 75 cents. That sale was awesome; I got a very expensive Bissell vacuum for only 15 dollars. You can not beat that. I’m waiting for Jon to get off of work so that I can have another adult to speak to. I am also thinking about how quickly can I clean up my apartment and get the children ready for bed all at the same time as well as give them a bath and read them a couple books before bed. I think it might be too late for me to use my vacuum for my nightly cleaning since my neighbors enjoy complaining about normal living activities such as walking on the floor or vacuuming the floors, God forbid if I ever wanted to play music (which I do). My little one is finally drifting  off to sleep. I’m hoping she gets a good 30 minutes of sleep before it’s time for her to sleep for the night. That will give me enough time to clean, cook and get my other children ready for bed. I might even be able to finish painting my Christmas decorations. I would love to order my Christmas tree before the 50% off Sale is over. Ideas. Ideas. My cats seem to be relaxing in the other room which is lovely since they like to wrestle at the most ridiculous times. I must finish my at home job application tonight. Hopefully sleep doesn’t get the best of me.


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