One pot recipes: Beef and Vegetable Soup

This is a one pot cooking recipe. You will combine all of your ingredients into one pot and cook them at the same time. OK for this recipe you will need : ■any beef meat made for stews or soup ■garlic powder enough to taste ■steak seasoning enough to taste ■minced onion seasoning enough to... Continue Reading →


Going organic for my family

I never really paid much attention to the foods that I ate until I had children. I started watching documentaries on GMO foods. There are studies that relate these foods to an increase  in cancer among other illnesses. The food that is bad for you is cheap, extremely cheap. The food that is good for... Continue Reading →

Tjmaxx is for crunchy moms

I have only been to Tjmaxx a handful of times in my life and I never really paid much attention to it but I am glad that one night I decided  to pay it a visit. Boy!!!!! I was shocked. The amount of all natural products made me tingle. They had everything from soaps to... Continue Reading →

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